Buyer beware

A warning from Kingsley Smythe

Over the past decade we have worked hard to establish Kingsley Smythe as a trusted garden furniture company. We have our own manufacturing facilities that have been developed over many years.

We are concerned at the number of web based garden furniture companies that have set up and are claiming to be something they are not. We hear so many stories of people who place orders in good faith and then do not receive their furniture.

Often these companies will use reviews to gain credibility and give reassurance. It may well be that these are genuine – but often they are not.  Fake reviews have become a real problem and can be hard to spot, but there are tell-tale signs to look out for. Here are 5 tips to help you identify whether the reviews you are reading are genuine or not.

  • Poor writing – Does the review itself make grammatical sense? If it has lots of spelling mistakes or formatting issues, it could be a clue that it’s fake
  • Generic details – Generic reviews that are overly positive or negative and don’t mention any specifics are immediately suspicious. If customers have had an exceptionally good or bad experience with a company, they’ll likely want to leave some details. For example, if the delivery and installation service was good they might name the people who delivered their furniture.
  • No negative reviews – A lack of negative reviews can be a huge sign that what you’re reading may not be the real deal. 52% of consumers get suspicious if there are no negative reviews for the product or service they want. In fact, products with a rating of 4-4.9 stars are often seen as more credible more likely to convert than those with only glowing 5-star reviews.
  • High frequency – A sudden influx of outstanding 5 Star reviews should always raise alarm bells.
  • Lack of emotion – Real reviews will usually include comments regarding how the product or service they purchased has made them feel. If the feedback doesn’t refer to value, or seems unemotional, it could be fake.

If you are considering buying from another company we urge you to do your research into the claims these companies are making. One of the simplest checks to make is simply to see how long they they have been trading for.

For our part we would be happy to answer honestly any questions you might have about us and our services. The testimonials we feature on our site are freely given by genuine Kingsley Smythe customers.

Your Kingsley Smythe Team

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