Fake Reviews Part 2


The day after we posted our article about Fake Reviews (read that post here) we were targeted by dozens of fake 1 Star reviews!

We posted our thoughts and concerns about fake reviews at 4pm on the 7th Sept.

Within just a couple of hours of that post going live we started to receive dozens of fake 1 Star reviews on Trustpilot.  We know they are not real because we have checked each one and we have absolutely no record of any contact at all with the ‘people’ submitting them. None of these ‘reviewers’ have ever bought anything from us. They are 100% fake reviews. 

What we find really disappointing and disturbing is that they are being posted on the Trustpilot review site which many people will simply accept as providing trustworthy reviews. Clearly from our experience here and now – this is not the case.

We have, at the time of writing this post, 265 reviews on Trustpilot. Of these 185 are genuine 5 Star reviews and 15 are 4 Star reviews.

Our overall Trustpilot score right now is 4.0. Quite simply our score is being dragged lower by these blatant lies and it seems Trustpilot is happy to allow this to happen, unchallenged.

By the way – we don’t think Trustpilot has caught up with all these negative reviews that came in on the 7th and 8th Sept. yet, and so we expect our overall score to go down further!

We thought it would be appropriate to show you here, just a few of the 30 plus, 1 Star reviews that came in over night on 7th/8th of September.

To be crystal clear, we have never sold anything to Leon Long.
But dear old Leon Long hasn’t done his research either. He says there were “… lots of faults with weave…” which suggests the furniture he’s referring to is Rattan. We do not sell rattan furniture.

Here’s the next one …. and note the date submitted.

There is so much wrong with this fake review effort.

1. We have never sold anything to Kian Barker.

2. ‘Kian’ says “Slow delivery and still waiting for the parasol… Looks like I lost my £1200.”
But this makes no sense. Even if he was still ‘waiting for his parasol’ he implies he has received his dining set because he said it was slow delivery.

3. We provide free parasols – so if this were true – he has lost nothing.

Come on Kian – if you are going to write fake reviews at least write a credible one!!

Onto the next one…also 7th Sept.

We have never sold anything to Dominic Gallagher. Also, we think ‘Dom’ needs to spend more time on his English lessons or learn to use Google translate better! What he has written is gibberish.

And another – also sent on the 7th Sept.

We have never sold anything to Joseph Bell.

Frankly, we think this was a really poor effort at a fake review – he hasn’t even tried to make anything up. Maybe he was getting tired by this time and his creativity was failing him. ‘Great Scammer’ …dear oh dear – the irony! 
You need to up your game Joe Bell, or the real scammers there will drop you!

So, these are just a few examples. We have received a lot more of these 1 Star reviews – all false – during the last 18 hrs. (it’s 3pm on the 8th Sept. now for the record.)

What is so frustrating is that they appear in Trustpilot below genuine, honestly written reviews – most of them giving us 5 Stars. We worry that if this is happening to us, then without doubt it’s happening to other traders all over the internet.

If you haven’t read our post Fake Reviews Damage Us All – have a read now. We hope after that, you won’t take reviews at face value.

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