Gift A Tree with Trees4Trees

We have just launched a range of teak gifts to run alongside our teak garden furniture range, have a look here. These products are all made in Indonesia by local craftspeople, working near our main furniture production site. Our promotion of these products is a little extra way of helping the people who live and work in and around the teak plantations that are so important to us at Kingsley Smythe.
One of the gifts available is actually the gift of a tree and you will be able to actually see where in Indonesia your tree has been planted.

The planting of new trees in Indonesia is important to us at Kingsley Smythe.

With a small number of exceptions, such as our aluminium garden dining set, all of the outdoor furniture that we supply – and we supply a lot! – is made of fine quality teak wood. It is therefore really important to us that the teak trees used to make our furniture are grown sustainably and manged responsibly. This is why we support the Trees4Trees organisation which operates on the ground in Indonesia, where our timber grows, and it is where Trees4Trees manage an extensive tree-planting initiative. This important programme helps both the wider environment and the local economy, by providing worthwhile work and incomes for the local community.

You may not be aware, but Indonesia is home to the third-largest rainforest in the world and to nearly a quarter of the world’s mangroves. Spread across a vast expanse of 17,600 islands, this extensive archipelago has the potential to sequester over 50 billion tons of carbon through its rainforest and mangrove forests and naturally plays a crucial role in fight against global warming.

The ongoing Trees4Trees programme has successfully regenerated numerous degraded areas across Indonesia. Kingsley Smythe plays a small part in this because we plant two trees for every teak garden furniture set we sell. We also offer all our customers the opportunity to buy a tree at checkout or gift a tree to friends or family for just 70p!

Recently it seems like hardly a day goes by without some news report featuring a troubling environmental or climate related story of some kind, be that exceptional heat waves, record monthly rainfall amounts, flash flooding, to uncontainable wildfires, and devastating hurricanes and typhoons. It appears that we are starting to experience the initial consequences of global warming. In light of this we feel it’s even more crucial that we support initiatives like Trees4Trees which work to mitigate the changing of the climate.

To learn more about the Trees4Trees organisation and how we work with them please click here.

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