The Value of Extendable Garden Dining Tables

Thinking of buying a garden dining table for your outdoor space?

If you are planning to buy a garden dining table or dining set this summer, there are many factors to consider such as; the space that you have available, the size of the table, what you will use it for, the material used to make the table, the quality of the workmanship, the look and style and the durability of the table and – especially these days – are you getting good value for money?

We have written about these things before so take a look here.

In this post however we are just going to consider the value of extendable or extending garden dining tables.

Benefits of an Extending Garden Dining Table

So your choice is whether to buy a fixed table or one that can be extended. But just what is an extending table? Well, quite simply an extending table is exactly what it says; extendable.

Extending garden dining tables can be opened out to give extra space on one side (single extending) or on both sides (double extending). The extending sections for these tables can be integral to the table or they can be separate extensions that need to be inserted to make the table larger. All our extendable tables have the expansion pieces integrated within the table. We feel this is a much better way as you don’t have the hassle of storing the extension pieces somewhere nearby when not in use.

Extending outdoor dining tables are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you a wide range of options to select from.

Extendable garden dining tables offer you versatility for the ways in which you can arrange your outdoor space and seating.

When the table is not extended you will be able to maximise the use of your outdoor space, perhaps enjoying dining alfresco as a couple or small family. However, with an extending dining table you will always have the option to extend it when you need extra space to accommodate more guests than normal, for example, if you have friends or family visiting or if you are hosting a party or celebration.

How many extra seats do you want?

You may require a teak dining table for your outdoor space which normally seats a family of four but can be extended to seat 6 or 8 when required. If so, a Regal Teak double extending table would be ideal giving you the option of 3 different table sizes.

Maybe you want a table that will seat 4 comfortably when folded but will allow you to sit 6 when extended. You could choose to have a round table that extends to an oval or a square that extends to a rectangle.

Please note that at Kingsley-Smythe, all of our extending tables utilise folding sections that are integral to the table and therefore do not need to be stored when not in use. They also always have a central hole for a parasol whether folded or extended.

See our full range of fantastic outdoor teak extending dining tables and our extending garden table dining sets which come with the required number of seats (chairs or benches) and key accessories such as Parasols and cushions. Sold as a complete garden dining set these represent great value for money.

A question of Style

Teak outdoor extending tables are classically elegant and timeless – in more ways than one – they will last for ages! See Why Buy Teak Garden Dining Furniture.

Such dining tables are ideal for your garden being strong, durable, weather resistant and extremely attractive.

Choose the shape and style of table that best suits your outdoor space – round, oval, square or rectangular. Our extendable tables come in many different sizes.

Generally, circular tables will fit better in smaller spaces as they are the most space efficient having no corners. A larger outdoor area mean you have the luxury of greater choice when it comes to shape and size but you must make sure that you measure carefully to ensure that there is room for manoeuvring around the table when the table is extended and all the chairs are in use.

Space Saving

One of the main benefits of choosing an extending outdoor dining table for your garden is that it allows you to make the best use of the space available. You can minimise the space taken up by the table when it is not in use or just being used for smaller numbers, but always with the option to extend it if necessary.

By maximising the space that you have, you really can make the best use of your garden or outdoor space and enjoy an area that feels spacious and uncluttered.


Although you will likely, regularly use your beautiful wooden dining table for everyday purposes, you will truly appreciate choosing an extending teak garden table whenever you need to entertain extra guests. You, and your guests, will really benefit from the convenience of extending your dining table to allow everyone to sit comfortably whatever the event or celebration.


At Kingsley-Smythe, our tables are made from top quality sustainably grown teak.

Teak has a truly attractive grain patterning and a beautiful, warm, golden brown tone which, when left outside, gracefully fades over time to a gorgeous, stately looking silvery grey patina giving an elegant, ageless appearance which some feel is even more attractive than the original colouring. However, if the original colouring is what you prefer then teak can always be cleaned and oiled to return it back to its former youthful golden brown colour at any time.

We may have mentioned this before but our Teak garden tables are extremely hardwearing, durable and weather resistant and are built using quality parts and fittings which means that they will last for decades providing a valuable investment.

Easy to use

Our range of extendable outdoor garden dining tables are extremely easy to operate. There are no complicated mechanisms to deal with and as the extending parts are integral to the table which means there is no heavy carrying or lifting required.

The high quality of our opening mechanisms ensures that your table can be extended frequently without the risk of mechanical faults. All of our tables can be extended and folded back simply and quickly.

Buy now

Outstanding Value for Money

A high-quality teak extending garden table dining set will require almost no maintenance and will have an impressive lifespan (potentially decades) meaning that it is an amazing investment for your outdoor space. OK so the initial cost may be more than a plastic or rattan dining set – but you only have to pay once for a good quality. Think about this – a £1000 outdoor garden dining set that lasts for 20 years is just £50 a year. Less than the cost of one family meal out!

When all is considered, investing in a high-quality teak extending garden dining table furniture extending dining table just makes great sense. It will prove to be perfect for all of your needs and will last you for many, many years. Your extending dining table will allow you to make the very best use of the outdoor space you have available. A versatile and cost-effective addition to the home and family life, your extending garden dining set table will give you years of great service, enjoyment and wonderful memory making moments! If that isn’t great value for money…what is?

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