Trust Teak for outstanding garden furniture!

Let us explain why Teak is a superior choice for garden furniture

The Teak Tree – or the Tectoni Grandis tree to give it its formal name – is native to south and southeast Asia.  This tree is the source of teak wood – a very dense hardwood. The benefits of teak wood’s hard wearing and water-resistant properties have long been recognised and teak was used extensively in the glory days of wooden ship construction.  Later, as the valuable properties of teak wood became better known, salvaged teak wood was used to make furniture – especially benches, that lasted for many, many years. In current times, the remarkable features of teak wood are widely understood and trusted as an ideal option for use in the manufacture of quality outdoor furniture.

Trust teak to last and last

Teak wood furniture will last for decades. Teak is a heavy, tightly grained dense wood which makes it extremely strong and durable. This means that you can rely on any outdoor furniture made from teak wood to be robust, sturdy and extremely long lasting even with minimal or even no care.

Trust teak to resist all weathers

Teak wood is high in natural oils which give it excellent resistance to different weather conditions.  It can stand up to extremes of weather – resisting damage from hard frosts, rain, wind and sun – without becoming brittle, rotting or splitting. Garden furniture made from teak can thus be left outside, unprotected through all seasons without suffering damage.

Trust teak to resist insects

The hardness of teak and its high oil content has an additional benefit, giving the wood a high resistance against insect infestation.

Trust teak not to rot

The abundance of natural oil contained within teak wood also means that teak is highly resistant to dry rot and is so water resistant that even if it is left outside untreated, it won’t decay.

Trust teak to always look attractive

Naturally appealing to the eye, teak’s beautiful golden-brown colour gives all teak outdoor furniture a timeless, classic look. As it weathers and ages, the surface of the wood develops a delightful silvery-grey patina, giving it a gently elegant look. However if you prefer the original, warm golden colour then that can be retained or restored simply by treating it with teak oil.

Trust Teak to be kind to the environment

Sustainability should be of great importance to everyone these days and the use of renewable materials plays a key role in protecting the environment.  Creating garden furniture from responsibly grown and managed teak wood, not only supports the natural world but also those who live and work in that environment. Without doubt it is an eco-friendly, natural and renewable, resource.

Kingsley-Smythe take sustainability extremely seriously. We ensure that all our teak wood is sourced from sustainably grown and responsibly managed teak plantations. We want to ensure that teak will be available there for future generations. This is why for every tree felled, we ensure that more than one new tree is planted to replace it.  You can see this for yourself if you wish. Learn more about this here Sustainability – and also see our work with Trees4Trees.

Sustainably managed teak plantation

Trust Teak for easy, low maintenance

Teak’s natural qualities make it an excellent choice for low maintenance, outdoor furniture. All it needs is the occasional wipe over with a soft cloth and soapy water to remove air blown detritus and bird droppings. It certainly isn’t necessary (or recommended) to paint or varnish teak wood at all. You may choose to apply teak oil occasionally but only if you want the furniture to maintain its original golden tones, otherwise just let it age gracefully and it will reward you by developing a lovely silvery patina – which to many, looks more attractive than its original colouring.

Just Trust Teak to serve you well and deliver genuine value for money

Teak outdoor furniture can seem expensive initially, but you really do get what you pay for, and well built, teak garden furniture represents outstanding value for money.
With teak, you can be sure that you have high quality, attractive furniture that will last outside for decades.  It is amazingly tough and hard wearing, it is weather and pest resistant and needs virtually no maintenance.

If you invest in teak furniture, you can trust that you will not be left with rotting, split, warped, flaking or rusting furniture that needs replacing again after only a couple of years.

Finally…Trust Kingsley Smythe to deliver your quality Teak Garden Furniture

We are the UKs largest importer of top-quality teak garden furniture selling to retail and trade customers as well as the great British public. We are a genuine family business that works really hard to ensure that you have a great customer experience if you order outdoor furniture from us.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask us. We’d love to hear from you and we’ll do our best to answer you quickly, but please be aware that between April and September we are absolutely flat out crazy busy, every day! So it may take a bit longer than normal to get back to you in those times.

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