Why buy teak garden furniture?

There is a wide choice of garden furniture available to consumers today and it comes in many forms.  You have natural materials such as hard woods of which teak is the best known – but also wicker, cane or rattan.  You can choose metals like aluminium, wrought iron or steel – or there are manufactured materials like plastic and resin.

Each has its place in terms of style, quality and budget.

For us though – you should look no further than high quality sustainably grown teak furniture for your garden.

Here’s why…

Teak garden furniture represents outstanding value for money

Teak garden furniture should be viewed as an investment, not a cost.

By choosing quality teak garden furniture for your outdoor space be it a garden, patio, balcony or other setting, you are investing in something that will last you for decades, possibly even a lifetime.

People have been benefiting from owning teak garden furniture for generations. Why? Because teak furniture is perfectly suited to remain outside in all weathers, through all seasons, ageing  beautifully even without any real care or maintenance. As one of our customers said; …“you don’t buy teak garden furniture you invest in it!”

The value of teak has long been known. Historically, teak wood was used in the construction of ship hulls and decks. Teak’s ultra-hard wearing, water-resistant properties and tendency not to split, made it a favourite wood for shipwrights to work with. With the demise of the wooden ships, old teak timbers were salvaged and used in the making of highly sought after, long lasting benches. Over time, the value of teak was increasingly recognised in relation to outdoor furniture, as the remarkable capabilities of this prestigious hard wood were better appreciated.

“Tough as Teak” – there’s truth in that saying!

Teak is the ultimate hard wood and is exceptionally durable, lasting for decades in a wide range of climates as it is able to withstand extremes of temperatures. Its durability is due to the high rubber and oil content contained within the wood itself, which helps prevent teak from warping or splintering and which gives it amazing natural protection against all weathers and pests so the word ‘rot’ is never usually associated with teak.  Crafting garden furniture from this amazing natural material, with its high concentration of natural oils weather resistance properties, results in beautiful pieces of teak furniture that will enhance any outdoor space.

Enduring strength of teak

Teak is a tightly grained, dense type of wood. It has a high weight to volume ratio making it a really heavy wood. This is what gives Teak its strength and durability. Generally the denser and heavier a wood is, the stronger it will be. Using high quality teakwood for outdoor furniture delivers strong, sturdy, durable, long lasting garden furniture that really can be enjoyed for decades.

Teak’s weather-resistant properties are ideal for garden furniture

With teak furniture, there is no need to worry about weather damage from any of the elements. The natural oils in the wood give it an awesome resistance to rain and moisture, as well as hot sun and dry winds. This means your teak garden furniture can be left outside, unprotected all year round with little to no care required and it will not be harmed. Of course you might choose to use weather covers for your furniture but this would really be more to prevent it getting covered in bird droppings or wet leaves so that it doesn’t need any cleaning when you want to use it again.

Aesthetic appeal of teak garden furniture

Teak – unlike resin, plastic or metallic furniture – is a natural product so it always looks completely at home in any outdoor setting. It instantly integrates with the natural surroundings where some non-natural materials may clash, or jar in those outside spaces. This ‘tension’ between the man made and the natural world may be what you want from your garden furniture, but if you want outdoor furniture that truly looks as if it belongs outdoors, then wood is what you need. Did you know teakwood even regulates its own temperature! It will remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making it the perfect material for use all year round. No need to endure the discomforts of sitting on hot metal on a sunny day – or cold metal on a chilly day!

Teak garden furniture, with its attractive straight grain patterning, has a beautiful, warm golden brown tone which, when left outside, gracefully fades over time to a gorgeous, stately looking silvery grey patina that simply cannot be recreated with any other type of furniture. However, no matter how old it becomes, teak can always be cleaned and oiled to return it back its original youthful golden brown colour, if that is what you want. For more details and advice on caring for your teak garden furniture have a look at our Aftercare page.

You’ll find teak outdoor furniture in both classic and modern designs. Just because it’s wood doesn’t mean it can’t be contemporary and a wide range of choices are available to fit all requirements, from small balcony spaces, to large parkland gardens including extending and foldable tables, chairs, benches and complete garden dining sets with multiple accessories seating from 2 to 12 and more!

Sustainability – a key consideration today

These days sustainability is becoming highly valued again. Teak is a renewable, eco-friendly, natural resource.

As a responsible manufacturer of teak garden furniture we ensure that all our teak wood is sourced from responsibly grown and managed teak plantations, all carefully monitored and controlled to ensure that teak will be available there for future generations. We know it is sustainable because for every tree felled, more than one new tree is planted to replace it. This is supported by government-managed, sustainable forests in countries such as Indonesia and Belize. We work with the Tree4Trees plantation programme, Through this outstanding initiative we’ve partnered with local Indonesian communities to renew their environment through reforestation services.

Learn more about Kingsley Smythe’s commitment to sustainability.

So hopefully now you can see why we truly believe that teak is  simply the best choice when it comes to choosing your garden furniture.

With such natural benefits: durability, strength, a beautiful look and feel, outstanding weather resistance, low/no maintenance, perfect integration with the natural environment, environmentally supportive and sustainable – you can be assured that choosing teak garden furniture is absolutely the correct choice and that it will offer you a luxurious style of furniture that will serve you well into the future.

Finally – if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask us. We’d love to hear from you and we’ll do our best to answer you quickly, but please be aware that between April and September we are absolutely flat out busy every day, so it may take a bit longer than normal to get back to you in those times.

Thanks for reading this article. We hope it helped you.

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