Top Class Teak Garden Furniture Care Kit


This Teak Garden Furniture Restoration Kit won the ‘Garden Care Product of the Year’ award in the 2022 DIY Week Awards so we know it’s good!

Use it for keeping your new teak garden furniture in tip top condition or for restoring old teak outdoor furniture back to its former honey gold glory.

The kit includes all the product, accessories and instructions you will need to clean and restore all your garden furniture:

  • 500ml Teak Cleaner (concentrated formula makes 3 litres)
  • 500ml Teak Brightener (concentrated formula makes 1 litre)
  • 500ml Teak Oil
  • Scrubbing Brush
  • Pack of Lint Free Cloths
  • Bucket
  • Gloves

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This restoration part of the kit will remove grey and weathered wood restoring the original honey brown colour, kill any mould and mildew that may have gained a hold on the furniture and protect the surface from future weathering.

The instructions will guide you through a simple three-part process that we trust will leave you delighted with by results;

1. Use our Teak Cleaner to remove accumulated dirt, grime and any weathering discolouration.
2. Restore the teak wood from its silvery/grey weathered look back to a lovely honey colour using the Teak Brightener.
3. Apply the Teak Oil to further help protect the wood from discolouration, drying out and surface cracking.

We supply this kit because it’s ideal for teak garden furniture but it can also be used on all other types of outdoor wood.

The Cleaner and Brightener will each clean 72m2 and the Oil will cover 10m2. To maintain your wood after the initial application you may need to purchase additional Oil.

As a general guide, with the product in the kit, you can thoroughly clean, brighten and oil an average sized garden table and four chairs twice, and still have plenty of product remaining to tackle future jobs.